Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to Clean Your Meat Grinder

Cleaning all small kitchen appliances is important for healthy food preparation to occur. Meat Grinders require specific cleaning techniques. Using a brush is important. The reason for using a brush is careful removal of meat, nuts and vegetables left from the grinding process. Prior to first use wash the Meat Grinder with warm and soapy water. Regular dish soap works well. Make sure you dry the grinder with a towel. If the grinder specifies or allows, use the dry cycle on your dishwasher.  Manual Meat Grinders have chopping or cutting blades. One type of Meat Grinder has the cutter blade on the outside of the grinder body. The second type has a knife blade inside the grinder body. Both types come with a clamp or "bolt-down" and suitable for tabletop mounting.

The drawing above illustrates the parts of a clamp-on manual meat grinder. This is a good guide to disassemble your grinder prior to first use. Each part needs careful cleaning according to have a clean and sanitary grinder.  After first use and consecutive uses of your meat grinder, a household kitchen brush with plastic or silicon bristles is necessary to properly clean the grinder. Do Not Use a Abrasive Cleansers or a Metal Brush! Abrasive cleansers and metal brushes scratch metal creating problems for this appliance. A brush enables easier removal of fat, gristle and meat from every part of the grinder. After brushing the grinder, use hot or warm soap and water carefully cleaning each and every part. Use a cotton or linen towel to dry immediately. Drying immediately removes the opportunity for corrosion and rust. Corrosion and rust reduce the life span of the meat grinder and lead to unsanitary conditions.

The steps above detail what I recommend in cleaning of a Manual Meat Grinder. An Electric Meat Grinder warrants you disassembling the Cutting Blade/Knife, Grinding Plate and Auger is possible prior to first use and each subsequent use thereafter. Make sure the Electric Grinder is not plugged in prior to setting-up and cleaning. When unplugged, you can safely use a brush to clean fat, gristle and meat from the inside of the grinder. Make sure you follow manufacturer guidelines along with any drawings included in the product manual. Safety is always paramount for everyone.

After you properly clean your grinder prior to first use, follow our recommendations for healthier food preparation.  Whether your preference is using a Manual Meat Grinder or an Electric Meat Grinder,  a few moments of sanitation prior to your food preparation further ensures a healthier meal for you, your friends and family to enjoy!

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