Thursday, May 19, 2011

Healthy Food Prep-Meat Grinder, Juicer, Pasta Maker, Vegetable Steamer

   I found using a Juicer, Meat Grinder, Food Dehydrator, Vegetable Steamer, and/or a Pasta Maker, in being immensely helpful towards food preparation for healthy foods. I say this in writing on this blog because these small kitchen appliances listed above can be important to prepare foods once you make decisions on healthy and/or healthier ingredients.
  • The main ingredient should contain Fiber which I personally found to be immensely helpful for weight-loss, maintaining a healthy weight, GI health, improved digestion, better blood sugar control, increasing energy along with feeling pride and happier from my efforts.
  • My name is Peter Gubbe, MS, CADC:  I have written for various news sources, journals, newsletters and magazines on a number of health, public-health, physical-health and psychiatric conditions, and even technology before wireless phones reached the 80+ percentile of use.  I have over 20 years experience in health care and learned from some of the smartest people I had the privilege of working with. (These persons of course were the patients I was responsible for).
   Fiber is both vital & critical to any one's diet.  It is vital for weight-loss and then to maintain an ongoing healthier weight.  I am not even thinking fiber from supplements.  I will write about those in the future.  I am looking to increase awareness of foods that possess fiber that we may not even think about because many people think of it as "taboo" because of how it applies to personal parts of our bodies.
   Fiber is found in most food groups.  The easiest sources to obtain without spending a fortune are whole grains and raw vegetables.  Whole grains are carbohydrates. However, when the fiber content is higher the negative affects from carbs is reduced a great deal.  This is a complex process in our digestive systems and I will more than happy to write more detail on this if anyone requests me to.
   How can we miss?  Eating carbs without having to worry about weight gain while improving the function of several body systems.  One thing I cannot forget to stress is not only is fiber and more importantly a high-fiber diet both vital & critical in day-to-day needs for the human body, is also how important increasing water consumption is.  I read scientific journals, news-reports in print and on the web, various doctors in numerous areas of specialty and I came to this conclusion:
"Consume as much water as you can appropriately."
  How much is appropriate, is a topic for another blog on another day.  Common sense tells me that if seventy-percent (70%) of our bodies is water, then consumption of water should be ongoing and plentiful.  I would say to consume 16-32 ounces prior to driving any distance in your car or bicycle but, consume enough to the point of not feeling thirsty as often as possible.

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